Fascia and Gutter Installation Mornington Peninsula

Gutters play a crucial role in disposing and draining rainwater and stopping leaks that could potentially cause water damage. They’re typically installed under the edge of a rooftop and work to divert rainwater down the surface of the roof and away from the house and its foundation.

If the gutters and fascia on your roof structure are showing signs of extensive damage or are leaking or rusty, you should consider getting a new system installed. Covered Roofing’s Colorbond fascia and gutter specialists have been installing fascia and guttering systems for meany years now, giving us the ability to install, maintain and repair steel fascia and guttering for a high-quality, high-performance add-on to your home.

Our team of licensed Colorbond fascia and gutter specialists have all the skills and tools required to install any type of fascia and roof gutter Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne homeowners require. Our steel fascia and guttering installation technicians also follow Australian building regulations when installing these fixtures, ensuring safety and long-lasting performance.

A solid and sturdy steel fascia band adds a layer of protection around the edge of your roof which can stand up to years of abuse from even the worst weather extremes. It’s chip-free, and can be fabricated to blend in with the appearance of the rest of your house, even imitating the appearance of wood grain. Steel fascia has a positive effect on your home’s curb appeal, helping to improve the value of your home based upon its appearance “at a glance” from the street’s edge.

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